New MembersYou can pay for your new membership in two ways, either by mailing in a check, or by using paypal.

If you are going to pay via Paypal, please use one of the buttons below marked as “via Paypal”. You will be directed to the Paypal web site. After you have paid, you will be sent an email to the email address of your paypal account, which will then direct you to the registration page. After you fill out the registration page you will  have access to the members only are of the web site after you have logged in with the username and password from that registration page. 

If you are paying by check, please use the “Join Now” button. You will fill out our registration page and when we receive your check you will be granted access to the member only area. Please make your check out to Golden Gate Austin Healey Club, and send to:

Nick Klein
3334 Gardendale Drive
San Jose, CA 95118

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Click here for an annual membership for $ 30 per year          Note: Click on the “Return to Merchant” after your payment is complete

If you are joining after July 1 we offer a reduced membership for $15 per year        Note: Click on the “Return to Merchant” after you have completed your payment