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Saturday morning, noon and night.
We wash and scrub with all our might.
The girls are also right in there,
polishing, cleaning and bringing cheer.

Beat the carpets, vacuum, patch.
Tempers fray as blisters hatch.
Engines suffer scouring Jeyes,
Then gaudy multi-colour sprays.
Knuckles bleed and owners roar,
Cleaning in crannies never reached before.

With aching arms and groaning backs.
We Simonize and Turtle Wax.
Wheels are washed with frantic zeal.
God help the guy with the 60-spoke wheel!

Sunday dawns, we’re at it again.
Dear God don’t let it pelt with rain.
Hood and tonneau, screens and spare,
Though seldom used they must be there.
Battery leads, gee what a sight!
We should have fixed those up last night!

To Sleepy Hollow now we crawl.
And hardly raise the dust at all.
We range them round on either side,
Two gleaming rows of owners pride.

The Judges search with faces grim.
For foreign parts, and missing trim,
For faulty latch, a ding, a scratch.
How can you hide a rusty patch?
Upholstery’s torn, the carpets worn,
No Healey had that, when it was born!

After all that work It seems a sin,
That everyone of us can’t win.
Congratulations, well done Joe.
Next year we’ll give you a real go!

Unknown Author

With membership in the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club you get a constant heads-up on Healey activities throughout the Bay Area, the Central Valley and throughout Northern and Central California.

You also will receive Golden Gate Healey Happenings, our newsletter published 10 times per year, and will be sent “Event Alerts” via e-mail.


Annual dues are to be paid by January 1, each year, for the upcoming calendar year. Annual dues are $35, but if you are a member of Austin-Healey Club of America, we give a $5 discount.

To join the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club, Press the button below.

Just pay via Paypal and register online or complete the registration online and mail your check made out to Golden Gate Austin Healey Club to the address below:

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John Turney
1769 Sharon Drive
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Current Members can Renew Online ! Make sure to Login In and then go to the Members Only Tab and click on ” Next year Member Renewal”


Club members enjoy touring together, gathering for car shows, hosting technical sessions and a sharing the fellowship of automotive enthusiasts dedicated to the Healey marque.

This website includes a list of events announcements, a classified section to buy, sell and trade Healey bits, and a photo gallery where members can share car and event photos.


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