Vikingsholm private tour and drive down to the castle

  1. There is a max of 15 cars.  Tour begins at DL Bliss State Park at 4:30pm.  
  2. Cars drive down the private park service road and park en mass at lake level. You can’t drive down there unless part of this private tour.
  3. Guests walk 100 yards to the Vikingsholm courtyard for a private tour of the mansion at 5:15pm. 
  4. After the tour, guests will be greeted with linen covered tables set with custom glasses.  There will be bottles of fine red and white wine at the tables for your guests and a variety of high-end appetizers for a social hour.
  5. Guests will return to their cars to return to the main road at approx. 7pm. 
  6. As of today, the cost is $100 per person.  Guests bring home a booklet of Vikinghsolm as a souvenir. 
  7. All funds support the mission of the California Sierra State Parks Foundation and the restoration of Vikinghsolm.  Of course, additional donations are appreciated 😊. 


Virginia City Virginia and Truckee Railroad Tour.

  1. Drive to historic Virginia city
  2. lunch and take a ride on a historic railroad